Note to Mt. St. Helens Blog

It has come to my attention that I didn’t get the plane information correct. I have since updated the blog (you gotta love the EDIT button!). Anyway, if you haven’t noticed, it was actually a 210 Cessna, and as it turns out, very much different than the mistaken 310 Cessna I originally noted. The pilot, very nicely, gave me the following information regarding the 210 Cessna:

 “…It is the biggest and fastest Cessna single engine model. The 310 is a twin engine design, same engine, only two of them, and a couple of more seats. But you burn twice as much fuel, go only 10 knots faster, and need twice as much runway. If one engine quits, the airplane flies very marginally on the remaining one, and since you have twice the chance of an engine failure, safety is not enhanced. That is why I like my 210! Twin engine airplanes are not at all like twin engine boats it turns out..”

 Thanks, Peter, for setting me straight! 🙂

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