I’m Home Today – Introduction

June 23, 2009

Most of you know that my husband and I live aboard our motor yacht full time. We are about to start our seventh year aboard DESERT VENTURE, and our fourth year of fulltime cruising. Regardless of where we are cruising, we are always home. Our lifestyle is very unique. We rarely have the opportunity to meet other full time live-a-boards that go and do as we do. Oh, there are some out there, but it seems our paths rarely cross. Many full timers have gotten to the point where they leave their boat somewhere for the winter or summer, which ever part of the continent they live and go via RV/time share condos to some other parts of the country/world. Others, though live many months on board , have a home somewhere in the opposite climate as where they spend time on their boat. We, however, spend almost all our time aboard. We do take trips to visit family for a few weeks during our “off season”, but those are more consistent with a vacation, than moving away from the boat.

Such is our lifestyle, that though we are always home, our vistas are constantly changing. One day we will be anchored in some secluded place, all to ourselves, and glorying in the beauty, and on another we may be tied up downtown in a major metropolitan city getting ready to join the hustle and bustle of the world. The view from my writing table changes constantly, and after all these years I still find myself amazed at what I see – while at home. Thus the new series – “I’m Home Today”. Hopefully, as you read the blog you will try to imagine, while sitting at your computer (at home), that YOU have our view.

Happy Days,

Angie and Captain

Note: The first in “I’m Home Today” series is just below.

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