Merry Christmas and a Happy HEALTHY New Year!

The Captain and I wish you all a very happy holiday season and a Very Merry Christmas!  I believe that most of my devoted readers are among the most fortunate people in the world. Though many of us aren’t rich in material wealth – in the really big picture, we all have enough and we are rich in friends and family and lifestyle. It seems that we all have a good handle on who we are and what we want in life. Among all the things I could wish for you is that very thing – that we are blessed with the life that brings us joy.

Most of you, having followed the blog, and kept in touch in the background, know that Captain endured many health issues this past year. It just seemed to be his year to get that 50,000 mile upgrade. Though none of the issues were life threatening, one was very puzzling and caused us great stress and fear of what the outcome might be for us. All of the issues took control of our lives and our decisions, when we generally only allow weather to drive our plans. Finally, late in July we got the great light bulb – “AHA! Moment” and within days Captain was well – just like that! Amazing and we cannot begin to tell you of our relief and thanksgiving. We actually thought we had our lives given back to us, and once again WE were in charge. That concept was short lived as one of our dearest beloved parents was injured and Captain went to the rescue. El Poppo is on the way to a full recovery and we are, once again, grateful for the blessings of life.

So, now we find ourselves in an enviable position – once again life cruisers considering all our options for the next year. Oh my, so many choices – we counted five – and those were just the really big picture choices. Well, it will all unfold as it should, and we will do our part to make our upcoming year a success. God willing, we will maintain the health we are enjoying presently and make this next year all stories about adventures of the outdoors and waterfront kind.

Living a life controlled by illness is a humbling experience and we sympathize with any of you that may find yourselves in such a predicament. We still managed to make the best of our circumstance and we wish the same for you. Take your happy moments with your best friends as often as you can. It will make the ailment less in control, and give you moments of reprieve from the pain and the worries. If you read back over our summer blogs you will see that we made the most of our time, and as we continue to get healthier, all that will remain of the summer are all the good memories.

Above all take care of your health and that of your loved ones – it, above everything else, can make the difference in your adventures. Live life – however you find yourselves, to the very fullest, leaving little room for regret. Covet your friends and family, keep them close in the good and the hard times, and make life count. After all, that is all we really have in the final chapter.

We wish you beautiful times, wonderful adventures, and safe passages this year. May God Bless and keep you all!

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and a Happy HEALTHY New Year!

  1. Very well put, Angie! Merry Christmas and best wishes for God’s blessings in a HEALTHY, happy, prosperous New Year! Hope we can get together for another drink and a scoop of ice cream soon! Love, Stephanie & Larry

  2. Merry Christmas and hopefully a great and prosporous New Year to you. Glad to here all are doing well. Miss our conversations Captain. Enjoying the snow and cold of Washington, DC (Weather and Politics)/. I am coming to San Diego in February, not sure of your plans, but would be great to see you. Take care and enjoy the good life. Very Respectfully,
    Your Friend, Dave Reed

  3. happy holidays to the both of you hopefully we will see you again next year, as we are in port angeles for the winter and will be leaving for A K some time in late may or early june keep in touch

    calm winds and fair sea’s

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