I’m Home Today – On the Docks – Christmas Eve Dinner

I sent this out as an email on December 26 due to difficulties uploading the pictures.  Since that date I discovered a wonderful new way to upload.  And thus, I can now post this chapter to the blog.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures!  Angie

I’m Home Today – On the docks – Christmas Eve Dinner

Happy Day-after-Christmas Everyone!

One of the special things about living on the waterfront, is that we get front row seats to some spectacular exhibitions of nature. We just happened out onto the dock mid-afternoon on Christmas Eve in time to see a Great Blue Heron bring in his catch. He was all set to enjoy his catch, but for the humans that seemed a bit threatening to him and his dinner. In addition to the humans there was a seagull that had full intentions of stealing his catch, given the opportunity. The heron flew off a couple times, and the humans backed off, and just as the seagull thought he was going to get an easy dinner, the heron came back in and took possession of HIS catch.

The bird has to get the fish going the “right way” so that it will go down properly. Hm…did he learn this the hard way, or did he get instructions…

So sit back and enjoy this pictorial show of a Great Blue Heron enjoying his Christmas Eve Dinner!

Surveying Dinner Arranging Dinner

Okay – Here we go Come on, Ok, Ok… I gotcha now…a little more…

Okay…get ready….. Gulp – glug…did I really eat the whole thing???

You can all imagine how he is feeling, about now, right? Where’s my chair…I need time to digest…why did I eat so much..but it was sooooo good!!!

Ahhhhhhh – Nice meal…. And Us?? Well, we did OK, too!

1 thought on “I’m Home Today – On the Docks – Christmas Eve Dinner

  1. Hi Angie! Great Christmas post! Love the photos of the heron!!

    I have given you the Sunshine Award for great blogging and thoughts shared about life on the water (and rescuing friends who fall in!). Read my blog for details and spread the Sunshine! Katherine

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