On The Hard Update

March 28, 2010

Many are wondering if we are back in the water. No. We are not. Promised date, “if the moon and stars are aligned…” is this coming Friday. If any of you have control over the moon and stars, and etc., please let me know!

It has been a much longer yard period than we could have dreamed. Actually, no one dreams of boat yards. Most “dreams” are more on the nightmare level when images of boat yards drift into sleep.

D/V has been tented for the last two weeks. They moved her on Friday, pulling down the tent and raising her a couple feet higher to give easier access to the bottom.

I have included one other photo of the bottom – before bottom paint. Looking forward through the under body to the stem. I think she has a bit of a “whale” look to her forward stem. It also gives you another perspective of her unique bottom.

Stand by to see her brand new bottom, all ready for another couple years of cruising!

1 thought on “On The Hard Update

  1. Misty Sea was tented about 2 weeks ago. Lot of work preparing & recovering, but at least she was in the water. Will hold a positive thought for correct alignment in the heavens.

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