Thanks for all the Comments!

I received wonderfully generous comments, or rather compliments.   Thank you!  Compliments weren’t what I was after, but I do appreciate them all.  I didn’t get much in the way of new ideas or requests, so I will keep on keeping on.   We are going to add a “Captain’s Corner” page on occasion for more technical information.

If you have time, please read the comment from Dan Burch, on getting notified through the Yahoo Updates. I didn’t realize how instantaneous the service was.  Thanks for the comment, Dan.

Ralph! Thank you for your warm and generous comment. I will email you separately on a couple of ideas about getting counts on your website.

The last post, unfortunately, posted before I wanted it to – due to ME! I apologize. Those of you who subscribed were notified of the rough draft – please give it another chance.

One footnote to the post “Neah Bay to Port Angeles”.  I mentioned Red Tide and how, in some cases, the sea life living on the docks and pilings die from an extreme Red Tide.  For those of you that have not seen this kind of sea life – here is a picture of a piling at low tide in Olympia.  All those shells represent living sea life, hanging on until the tide comes in and puts them back in the water.  After watching the move “Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest”, I expect some creature to step away from the piling at any moment!

How about this beautiful sunset the night before we departed Port Angeles?

Thanks again – EVERYONE – for your great support!

Angie and Bruce

2 thoughts on “Thanks for all the Comments!

  1. Hi Angie

    I hope you guys got at least one or two nice days over the last week. We finally got a break for the end of the Memorial Day weekend and got a great day of sailing in on the river here in Portland Monday.

    I’ve been thinking about suggestions for your blog, but it is hard think of anything to improve on what you are writing now. I enjoy reading about the ports you are visiting and the best places to provision and eat. The story about the little sailboat in the storm had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Alway like happy endings and rainbow pictures. Also gleaning little tips like not running red tide through the water maker and washing down the anchor chain very carefully so you don’t have little sea creatures dying in the anchor locker and smelling up the boat. Interesting information like doing everything you can that uses electricity while the generator is running, not just because you have power, but because it keeps the generator happy to be loaded up. Good stuff!

    That reminds me, it was so nice of Bruce to offer to let us plug into the shore power outlet on the back of your boat, at the dock at Walker Island. Since he said he was turning it off at 10 PM and our batteries were fully charged I didn’t want to go to the hassle of getting out the shore power chord. If I had thought about it in those terms I might have plugged in our electric heater just to help keep the generator happy. It was fine as it was though. With our little cabin we just baked a batch of cookies in the oven and that was all it took to keep us warm for the evening.

    So, the only suggestion I can come up with is keep doing what you are doing and more of it. You are a very good writer and every little detail of life on M/V Desert Venture is fascinating. I think you could do well publishing “Angie’s Guide to Cruising the NW” and putting a link on here so we could buy the book. Who knows, maybe a whole series, the West Coast, Mexico, the Caribbean…the possibilities are endless.

    S/V Cinnamon
    Portland, Oregon, USA

  2. Your blog makes me really miss cruising in the NW. We are putting the boat away for hurricane season and getting ready to drive home. Take care.

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