A Day in the Life of Cruisers

Full-time cruisers travel most of the time. If they aren’t voyaging from one destination to another, they are adventuring, site seeing, provisioning, catching up with friends, and every other activity needed to make the lifestyle a success. Most cruisers are far from their vehicle – if they even own one. In order to get around ashore they utilize every form of transportation available. Last Friday, the day before we left Bremerton, is a perfect example of what cruisers will do to get the mission accomplished! Are you ready? Okay! Let’s go!

Our generous friend in Olympia loaned us his pickup truck while we were in Bremerton. It was an offer we gladly accepted, as it assisted us in getting our battery replaced, our exhaust pipes to and from the exhaust wrap business, my son moved into his apartment, and many other minor provision trips we would otherwise have not done. Now, at the end of our stay, it’s time to return the pickup truck, do a final Pikes Place shop, pick up our mail, and meet my son for dinner. You probably think this is a simple mission – and it was – sort of.

We departed the marina, in the truck, at 1030 and drove an hour and a half to Olympia, WA, where we washed the truck and then met our friends at the train station.

We took the Amtrak train to Seattle. We sat back, relaxed, and let someone else do the driving. The ride is scenic, with water views on the port side of the train. When no water was visible there was plenty of green – trees, bushes, and whatever else that grows crazily in the PNW with copious amounts of rain. The train was late in arriving Olympia, and had several delays enroute to Seattle. By the time we arrived it was almost an hour late. It would have fit our plans to have arrived on time, but for many who had tight connections the delay must have been stressful.   We walked through what I believe is an original waiting area. There was marble, tile floors, hard wood high-back benches, and antique light fixtures. It felt like a place lost in time – right out of an old-time movie.

Once out the doors of the train station we headed for the city bus stop. Yes, our next mode of transportation is the bus. We became familiar with this section of downtown Seattle when we were looking for apartments for my son. We knew which bus was ours! And look – here it comes!

We even know this is the Free Route in downtown Seattle, so no fare was required. We also know where to get off the bus so that we can be within three blocks of Pikes Place Public Market. So, next stop – Pine Street! And now – we walk! It was all downhill to the market. We made a bee line to my favorite fruit and vegetable market. Bee line is not quite right, on second thought. The market was crawling with humanity – tourists, local merchants, local shoppers, street musicians, and those collecting Washington signatures for political purposes crowding the sidewalks and street. Every shop was packed inside and some with lines outside with shoppers wanting to get inside. Many people were carrying beautiful floral bouquets purchased inside the Public Market. Bakeries, fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh flowers, fish, coffee, cars crawling through the streets among all the pedestrians, and the mass of humanity made for sensory overload of sounds, smells and sights. (My purchase at the market – strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, bananas, asparagus, and corn.)

Street musicians have claimed their corner or niche and every kind of music you can imagine is making its way into the din. As one musician’s music faded another music took up the space – jazz, country, rock and roll, soul – if you walk long enough and far enough you will find your style. I was one, among many, taking pictures of everything – trying to get a good shot in spite of the rolling mass of shoppers and browsers.

I wish you could do a scratch and sniff of the photos!

I bought the floral bouquet on our first trip to the market.

The very first Starbucks is on this street. More than ever, it was packed inside with a long line of shoppers waiting outside. The most popular place for musicians to set up is outside Starbucks.  It is a primo place for tips! Everyone wants one Starbucks coffee, tea, or mug from the original store! Not me, not today! We walked past Starbucks and two other stores and into the mall to Wanderer’s Mail Service, where we picked up our mail. The guys at Wanderer’s have given us great service for years! We can’t say enough good things about them.  We think Steve and Josh are awesome. We appreciate everything they do to collect our mail and get it to us the best way. Thanks again!

We had one last stop on our list – dinner at Cutters Bayhouse. This restaurant is a favorite of ours. The food is always good, the service is friendly and prompt, and we always have a good time. There are great views of the Seattle waterfront. There was a small boat parade just as we got to Cutters. It looked to be a classic boat parade and was led by a tugboat with fire fighting capability. (For those interested, the ship in the lower right corner is HMNZS ENDEAVOR – a New Zealand underway replenishment ship.)  My son was waiting for us, and had reserved a table. All there was left for us to do was order and enjoy – and that is what we did!

The delay of the train, led to a later dinner and thus a later ferry – our last transportation of the day! We rode the ferry numerous times in the last ten days. On some occasions we drove the truck onto the ferry, others we walked aboard, but it is always an easy and relaxing ride of about an hour on the Seattle to Bremerton route. The view is always changing, or so it seems, as we see new things every time we ride the ferry.

And there you have it – trucks, trains, buses, ferries, and feet are what it took for us to accomplish our mission. Eleven hours later we walked out of the ferry terminal, down some steps on to the Port of Bremerton Marina and home – DESERT VENTURE. It was a great day in the life of these two cruisers – Cruising in 2010.

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Cruisers

  1. Seems you are still having a marvellous time. I am off on holiday at teh weekend but will I hope be able to keep having alook in.

  2. And we felt proud when we conquered Phoenix’s new (and very limited) light rail system! You put us to shame! (smile) Travel safely!

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