Why We Go – Madrona Tree

I promised, earlier this summer, that I would get a better picture of an Arbutus/Madrona tree.  (Check out the tree at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbutus).  The name varies, depending on where the tree is located.  I like Madrona and I can remember the name!

We had just spent a day in Friday Harbor.  I had to get my seasonal fix.   I love going for a day, seeing all my favorite shops, getting a latte, and a nice meal ashore.   We had coffee at a new-to-us place called “The Bean”.   Great coffee, friendly service, and tasty bakery items were offered.  We will be going back!  We wandered through a t-shirt shop and met Gayle Ann Williams, a neat lady, who had just published her first book – “Tsunami Blue”.  It was fun chatting with her!  I could have stayed all day and listened to her regale us with her story and the exciting way she is being published.  She makes this blogger excited to write!

Our visit completed, it was departure time.  We normally arrive and depart Friday Harbor northwest of Brown Island.  Brown Island serves as great protection to Friday Harbor.  This time -for the first time, we decided to depart to the southeast of the island, motoring on down through Friday Harbor.  We were surprised at just how big it was, with additional private marinas, and the quiet anchorage we hadn’t realized was possible.  And, there ashore on San Juan Island, off the Turn Island Channel, were homes with beautiful pruned Madrona trees.

I love the beautiful red limbs that reach to the sun.   In the more heavily treed areas, on some of the beaches and hills of the Gulf Islands, the limbs will grow straight out, then up, and then however is necessary to find the sun.  These trees are true sun worshipers!

Obviously these trees have been nurtured an are able to grow straight without too many obstacles.

Beautiful trees!  And one of the reasons Why We Go!

5 thoughts on “Why We Go – Madrona Tree

  1. The Madrona grove on Blake Island (in the Seattle area) are worth the hike. You’ve posted beautiful photos of these remarkable trees. I like how their trunks are soft green covered with dark red curling bark. I hope you’ll get to hike the grove sometime on Blake Island.

  2. Thanks for the picture of the FOG. I haven’t seen any in 40 years. Down here in the tropics the closest thing to fog is VOG. It pours out of the Volcanos and spreads itself over the Islands when the winds turn South.

    Happy Motoring,


  3. Pitter patter of big feet,
    Pitter patter of little feet.

    We really would appreciate the “Captain’s Corner!

    Pitter, stomp, patter of feet.

    • I’m starting to get a complex – you want the captain’s words more than mine!?!??! This is the third, much quieter tirade from Mr. PvS wanting the Captain to post. What can I say? I am just the First Mate? 😉

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