Check out my photo and portrait!

We spent five days catching up with dear friends Katherine and Peter on DUTCH TREAT at Roche Harbor. They just returned from their very first cruise to SE Alaska! I know this won’t be the last time. They are now seasoned cruisers!

During the day the men walked on the island and the girls shopped, had coffee, and chatted and chatted! Evenings, we took turns cooking and dining on each others boat. It’s always nice to have a night off, and a night to cook for friends! It was great spending time with good friends!

Katherine is an artist and keeps her sketch book close by. It is awesome and Bruce and I think she should publish it. We will buy the first one off the press! Bruce and I love reading it and seeing her thoughts and drawings.

While we chatted over coffee one morning she did my portrait! You can check it out on her blog!

Wow! I just discovered another posting of the portrait!

2 thoughts on “Check out my photo and portrait!

  1. Due to a computer hiccup we haven’t seen the portrait but we had to tell you that we thought of you two during our Western Caribbean cruise 8/13 to 8/23. One night Larry and I were walking the deck at about 11 p.m. on a night that started out clear. You can imagine our surprise when we reached a dark spot on deck and could not see an inch in front of our eyes! The clouds had come in and there were NO stars, NO moon, NO lights to be seen anywhere! Very scary & sobering for us landlubbers! Needless to say, our admiration for you two increased yet again! Travel safely and maybe we can meet up in Mexico again this winter! It is still over 105 with lows in the high 80’s here! Where is Fall??

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