I’m Home Today – San Leandro Marina

Meet Edgar.  I named him.  I name all the big boys – they make me think of doormen or butlers – so I give them dignified names.   He’s a resident here at San Leandro Marina.   It took him three days to discover that there was a person on board that will feed him every time he comes calling – more like honk-honking.  He now calls several times a day.  In fact, his first call is 0719 – almost on the dot, every morning.  One problem.  I am not “the person” who feeds him, but I am the person who hears him.  “The person” is sleeping soundly and doesn’t hear Edgar.  Tomorrow morning if Edgar doesn’t wake Bruce – I will. 😉

We have now been in San Francisco Bay two weeks!   We watch the weather daily, hoping for decent conditions on the coast, so we can make our escape out of the bay – and with a long enough window –  into Southern California.  One overnight would do it.  Once we get south of Point Conception we will be in So Cal and our weather planning will become less problematic.  Our plan to head into Mexico will become more than a plan – it will be an action!   We get tiny bits of teasing hopeful weather a week out, and within a day or so of getting our hopes up, the weather falls apart again.    We keep watching and waiting and checking more items off the “Before Mexico” checklist.  Our biggest remaining item – Get South of Point Conception!

Meanwhile – I’m home today, with Edgar – at San Leandro Marina!

6 thoughts on “I’m Home Today – San Leandro Marina

  1. Love the Edgar story, but not his schedule. We may have an Edgarette story of our own soon, but so far we’re resisting the impulse to feed the cheeky little raccoon that prowls our dock.

    We appreciate today’s blow and successive storm fronts as a great way to check our winter tie-up, tighten lines, etc. OK, done that; so here’s to improving weather SOON for the Pacific coast and your good weather window.

    • Dee! Thanks for the comment. Be careful of cute critters. Stuff happens if you feed them and invite them into your space! 🙂 Glad to hear all is well on your dock!

  2. Hi Angie and Bruce

    I hope you are enjoying your stay in San Francisco. Sitting at the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away…

    We are getting ready for our first big “winter storm” here in Portland. They are talking about 75k winds and combined seas up around 35 feet off the Columbia River bar. The NOAA site actually said “not the weekend for pleasure sailing off the Washington and Oregon coast”, so be glad you are as far South as you are. Even there I bet you will see some big swell the next few days.

    Hopefully we get a break soon long enough for you to get out of there. I am so looking forward to your blog as you head south.

    Hasta luego y Vaya con Dios(just practicing up)


    • Gracious Sen~or! Will have to work to get the “squiggly” in the correct position. 🙂 We have had a great time here. Lots of friends and food! What else can I say??

  3. The last storm that kept you up north brought us a VERY WELCOME cool spell! We finally got our daytime temperatures down to the low 80’s! What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander! (smile) Here’s to good weather and safe travels! Bon Voyage!

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