Places We Go – San Francisco Bay

We entered San Francisco Bay on October 9, 2010. One of the things I like least about SF Bay is all the “80 Freeways”, which we seem to live on while in the city. We go from the 880, to the 580, to the 80 or the 980 – well I don’t know but there is always lots of traffic. After spending months mostly on the boat at 8 knots, and in smaller, less populated towns, it is serious culture shock when we arrive in San Francisco Bay and start driving the freeways! However, it’s not all bad. It is how we get to all the great places and friends we love to see in the area.

We had numerous Gastronomic Gatherings! You know – where lots of good friends get together and eat, drink, and talk about what has been happening in their lives, and – of course – about boating! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of our friends have a boat; some live full time aboard and others spend a lot of time aboard – so there’s plenty to talk about. How is the boat running, what projects have you been doing, where have you been, where are you going, pass the wine, pass the food, etc…lots of chatter, laughter, and happy times. The first event was the day after arrival. We had a full boat!

Though we had several wonderful meals out, we still dream about three different restaurants, meals totally satisfying, and different from each other.

We dined at Kamakura, a Japanese restaurant in Alameda. Bruce has known the dear lady that has owned and operated Kamakura for a very long time. He worked with her husband many years ago. She’s always welcoming and generous when we are there – and to all her other customers – and made our friends from Japan very welcome. We dined with Ken and Sylvia from S/V ANN LUCIA, their – and our new friend visiting from Japan – Mr. Sasaki. Once again I was living the moment and didn’t get a picture. We ordered the Sushi Boat – not only was the food wonderful the display was absolutely artistically beautiful.

After helping our friend Lori with some work on her boat while it was in the boat yard, we went to a new restaurant in Point Richmond – Up and Under. It’s a sports bar, with the most awesome food I have never seen in any other sports bar and grill.

Lori got to go back a few more times while her boat was in the yard, and we were very jealous. Notice that smile! Definitely check this place out. You will not be disappointed!

We spent time with our friend Cindy on her boat. Bruce helped her with some small jobs and then we went to Jack London Square. Our goal was a restaurant that wasn’t serving lunch and it was too early for dinner, so we continued on, finally choosing a restaurant none of us had been to. Oh my gosh! Il Pescatore, an Italian restaurant, was wonderful! We were in time for “Early Dinner”. We were the only ones in the restaurant for most of our meal, and Naser gave us all the attention we wanted and made the meal festive. Bruce and I had halibut prepared different ways – both were absolutely perfect. Naser chatted with Cindy about her choice, then said he would take care of it – let him work some magic – and did he! She ended up with prawns and Dungeness crab with linguine in a light marinara sauce. It looked delectable!! His recommendation of the Six Grapes Port was absolutely perfect. Now, where do we find Six Grapes Port?

Our friend Teresa took us to lunch for Dim Sum, too. Yum!

We had one specific goal for SF Bay. Go to San Leandro – one of the nicest marinas in the bay – and have Stanley Steamer come clean our carpets. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of their yellow van parked at the top of the dock. We always go to L-M dock to get the carpets cleaned. We can side tie right at the end of the gangway, which isn’t very long or very steep, the truck parks outside the gate, and their hoses and etc, are able to get down the gangway, into the pilot house, and everywhere through the boat. And the best part is, I have great looking carpet and furniture.<big sigh of relief>

Finally, on October 28, 2010, seventeen days after arrival in the bay, we had a window to Half Moon Bay. This was a very small window, a few hours ride, but it got us out of the bay, to a fuel dock where the fuel was about thirty cents a gallon cheaper – and about 40 miles further down the coast (including the cruise out of the bay). It was all good. The ride to Half Moon Bay, was bumpy to be sure, but it was brief and we were happy to feel as if we were finally on our way again. Lo and behold friends followed us to Half Moon Bay – our friends Jean-Louis, Lovina, and Paea. They joined us and Ken and Sylvia on the boat one evening for snacks and lots of talk. Lovina and Syliva did a hula dance together, singing as they danced. Wow! The next morning Jean-Louis and family picked us all up and we all rode in his RV to Half Moon Bay, where we had breakfast at the Main Street Grill – a landmark restaurant in Half Moon Bay. All of the breakfasts were wonderful, with the owner serenading us, while cooking at the grill, with everything from old time rock and roll, to Italian opera!

This in port was a peek at the in-port events to come in Places We Go!

NOTE: We entered Mexico this morning. Standby for another update!

1 thought on “Places We Go – San Francisco Bay

  1. Angie, so enjoy your writing. I am back at work on WSD. Joined in Jebel Ali, UAE, after a stop in Bahrain. A NEW requirement that Masters coming into 5th Fleet need to meet with the 53 Commodore before going to the ship. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH. I am one more step closer to retirement.

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