Mexico Cruising – South to San Juanico

Note – 11/27/2010 – We had no wifi leaving San Juanico. We just completed a long voyage, with an overnight, and will be in Cabo San Lucas by 3:00 PM this afternoon, if not before. We plan to refuel, anchor, eat, and sleep. We will be underway, first thing in the morning, for the final leg to Punta de Mita/Paradise Village. At this writing I don’t know whether we will go right into Paradise Village, or anchor out for that night. The weather will be right behind us, so that will probably make the decision for us.

This post will be the first post I have done via email without editing afterwards. Things look different on the blog page!

We arrived San Juanico on Bahia San Juanito Tuesday afternoon. We will stay here three nights while winds come and go.

We hoped to buy a Telcel Aircard to assist us with weather data going down the coast. There was none to be bought in Ensenada. However, we have managed to find four wifi’s that allowed us to download weather – enough to give us good data and help us with our voyage planning. If we already didn’t know it, we do now – internet is going everywhere! However, that being said, most of the wifi’s are locked down tight. Even more so than in the US and Canada, which we find puzzling, but we did get what we needed. We have a high frequency radio where we can receive only. We have been getting the Baja Net every morning. This is a network of Single Singleband (SSB) radios. This particular network caters to the cruisers going down the Baja Peninsula and points south. They can talk back and forth, and a person provides weather for the group, for the baja and west coast of the US. We were not able to hear the weather this morning. We could everything but Don the weather guy – the most important part of the broadcast to us.

Departing Ensenada last Friday morning, we did a long overnight of almost 280 miles to Turtle Bay. We arrived mid-afternoon and refueled. Fuel was $3.00 per gallon. We were taken by surprise at the cost. The response was it is more at the other place with the dock. Generally, we expect fuel to be less expensive in Mexico. We had dinner and went to bed early, trying to catching up on our sleep. After that overnight we decided we were not in a hurry and so backed off on our plan. Including today, we have done three day cruises. From Turtle Bay, to Asuncion, to Abreojos, and tonight San Juanico (11/23).

The seas are blue, blue blue. We have seen an occasional whale. Bruce happened to see a huge whale breach – just like in the insurance commercial. Sad to say, I missed it. Lots of birds, and today we saw our first frigate – so we are getting closer to the tropic line.

We have had a mix of winds, some light and variable, and yesterday we had an almost 20 knots from the NE. We sailed close to the beach and that helped aleviate some of the rolling, but it was still a bit animated. However, it was just yesterday, and our cruise of just over 50 miles made it very doable. We started with the same winds today, but they backed off to the NW, and gave us a nice push. In fact, we’ve finally gotten the NW’ly pattern of seas and winds, and have been averaging 8.5 plus knots. On the cruise into Turtle Bay, we had over 9 knots for hours, which made us very happy, and reduced the cruise time. We were very pleased!

Hopefully, we will get some wifi here in San Juanico. First sign will be that this posted!

Before we could finish our anchoring, a panga arrived with three fellows onboard. They were selling fresh caught shrimp. We bought 2 kilos. Tomorrow they will bring us fresh lobster. Yum! Perfect for my birthday dinner.

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We celebrated ours with local food at the internet cafe, here in San Juanico. Doesn’t quite seem like Thanksgiving to us. That’s probably a good thing since I couldn’t find space for a turkey in the freezer.

We met fine folks on S/V ALEYDABETH and S/V HEMISPHERE DANCER. We hope to see them again soon. Thanks, Lyle, for the great photo of D/V in the sunset.

I was able to download email and saw lots nice birthday notes from friends on Facebook. Sorry I couldn’t reply. You are all great!

The winds have abated and we plan to leave early tomorrow morning and continue south. Our goal is to arrive on time for our reservation at Paradise Village, on Banderas Bay.

The sky is blue, the ocean is blue, tempes are mild – lots of nice reasons – Why We Go.

1 thought on “Mexico Cruising – South to San Juanico

  1. Happy Birthday, Angie! I celebrated mine on the 28th so we’ll have to raise a glass to our advanced ages next time we meet, God willing! (smile) At any rate another birthday is lots better than the alternative!
    I was going ask if you were on FaceBook! You’ll have to “friend” me!

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