Mexico Cruising – More Ensenada and San Juanico

Note to Subscribers:  The previous post was prematurely released before I did final editing.  You may want to check out the finished product online.

I am busy working at putting together the next chapter in our voyage. Meanwhile I realized I had all sorts of great pictures on my cell phone from our time in Ensenada and San Juanico.  We have had to turn off the internet on our phones since entering Mexico.  The data rates are astronomical when roaming in a foreign country.  I would have loved to have posted pictures on Facebook as we went along.  I miss my phone internet…

Craig, a young Australian, sailed his boat single-handed  from San Diego to Ensenada (after trucking it in from Florida), in order to get it on a Yacht Ship to ship home to Japan! Yep, Japan, not Australia. He is a cutey, but sorry ladies, he is taken and has a beautiful baby daughter. We enjoyed having lunch with him. (My garlic shrimp were great!)

We hope your boat made it to Japan safe and sound, Craig. Happy sailing!

The rest of the pictures are of our time in San Juanico. If you remember from the last post, we spent three days there, waiting for weather to blow by. It also gave Bruce a respite, and more time to recover from the back spasms.

There were three cruisers from the USA taking refuge in Bahia San Juanito. There was plenty of room for a lot more boats.

Oh. Folks on S/V HEMISPHERE DANCER(far left) said they got the last data/aircard in Ensenada. 🙂

The middle boat is S/V ALEYDABETH.

I told you what we had for Thanksgiving Dinner. Here is the sign out front of the restaurant…

And here is their namesake and host!

And, here is  la comida!!

San Juanico must be a surfer destination. As we came down the coast, just north of the entrance to Bahia San Juanito, we saw a lot of surfers enjoying the water. Around the corner and into the bay families were down on the beach hanging out. Some of the surfer guys were giving the little ones rides on the surfboards.

Here is our cruiser dinghy waiting for our return. We managed to land the dinghy, timed the waves, and had a safe dry ride back to DESERT VENTURE (in the background) – At Home – in Bahia San Juanito!

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