!Feliz Anos Nueve – Happy New Year!

Thanks to all of you for the encouraging, comforting, and positive comments. We appreciate your thoughts and sentiments. It’s the New Year, and we have high hopes for the future year.

Bruce had a very positive checkup today. He is on the proper antibiotic, is feeling better, and looking better, too. It’s just a matter of time, and he will be back to his old self. His stamina is limited, but he is improving daily.  He will be taking it slow and easy as we move into the new year.

We wish you all the very best in the New Year – a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Thank you for your faithful following of the blog! It’s our way of keeping in touch with old friends, scattered from one end of the west coast – and beyond – to the other end, and making new friends along the way! Friends are what makes what we do so fulfilling. Though not all of your are with us in person at any one time, we take your encouragement, stories, and spirit with us – passing it on to others who need a good friend to look up when they get your way.

Please keep in touch!  We love hearing from you all.

Stand by! There are still plenty of stories of DESERT VENTURE and the Places We Go!

Our warmest wishes and New Year hugs to you all!   A&B

4 thoughts on “!Feliz Anos Nueve – Happy New Year!

  1. HI Angie & Bruce,
    So nice to her from you & to hear that Bruce is recovering. He looks good sitting on that bench! Glad to hear he’s doing pool therapy. The resort looks lovely! A nice place to recuperate. Nancy & Michael

  2. Happy to hear Bruce is progressing well.
    Best to you both in the New Year. Rainy here on Bainbridge but we head for Maui soon and hope to share the sun with you there.

  3. Please pass on to Bruce and also for you that our family is praying for a full recovery and looking forward to hearing more wonderful stories about your travels. Bruce made a huge impression on me while serving with him during my last active duty Navy stand. He is a great man, you are very lucky. Give him our best and hopr to hear from him soon.

    Thanks and all the best, Dave Reed

  4. Hi,
    So happy to hear that Bruce is on the mend.
    Our positive thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery.
    We’re in Topanga canyon now for January: in the hills above Malibu. A very small place, but very nice & quiet. Only 15 min to Santa Monica.

    Happy New Year! Good health & peace to you,
    Nancy & Michael

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