Replies to “Boogeyman” Blog

Here are my replies to comments that came in response to my “Boogeyman” blog.

By the way, I heard a noise last night, too.  Made no sense at all, but I listened close for awhile…just in case…

Dan, We hear the same noises you describe, but these particular noises come from below the waterline of the hull.  Bruce has heard the noise in the daytime while working in the engine room. On that particular night the sound came from the port side, and there are no fenders or lines to slap against the hull. The mystery continues.  If we were in the PNW, it would not surprise us to see a big log float on by, but here we see nothing, and there are no big PNW logs down here!

We mostly we see coconuts and bougainvillea petals in the water here.  I do not think they can get up the momentum to cause us to feel them bumping against the hull, nor make the noise we hear.

The spring lines creak and whine, but are not in a position to get caught in the fenders. The fenders get mashed against the dock and moan and groan – just what a known lifesaver wants to hear in the middle of the night – not!

It’s possible that our aluminum hull gives a different sound of bumps in the night than fiberglass.  It does, but not like someone is pounding on the hull.  We have been cruising, in many different waters, and even here four years ago, and have never heard or experienced this before.

Peter, We do have our own Vallarta monsters – crocodiles. Though they generally stay up in the estuary, it is not unheard of, for them to come down where we are. The divers say their prayers and kiss the cross they wear before they go into the water. However, I don’t see them making that sound, either.  I don’t see a big fish making that sound, but something is.  Living with noises on the boat is part of the lifestyle, checking them out is absolutely the right thing to do.   I do like the submarine idea, though.

Maybe it was the lobster I had for dinner. Instead of seafood PHP, maybe I got “OISee”. Oh, I see things that aren’t there…some form of hallucination. Thanks for the comment!

I received this comment via email from our friend Barry:

“I read the Hardy Leslie McFarlane..and he lived in my home have less nightmares obviously with the Hardy Boys vs Nancy…We are in Turkey on the west coast..wonderful..lots of marinas..great clear water…best to you both…”

Val!  A gal after my heart!

Thank you, all,  for the comments!

1 thought on “Replies to “Boogeyman” Blog

  1. Angie

    Yes, just after I posted my idea about the dock lines I thought that was kind of silly since Bruce is such an experience captain I’m sure he knows how to tie up his boat.

    Of course with all these references to Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys the imagination starts to run wild. Could it be some unfortunate soul that got hung up in his ground tackle bobbing around under your boat and his ghost is trying to climb in the head porthole?…LOL…oh sorry, that probably isn’t helpful.


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