Voyage Planning – We’re Underway!

First Stop Santa Barbara

We’re underway, headed to Santa Barbara, as I post this blog.

Santa Barbara port, California

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Our weather revealed itself in its entirety three days ago. Yikes! Now what is it we do to voyage?

We refueled this morning.  Wow!  This is the most we’ve ever paid for diesel.  $3.69 plus tax/per gallon, and we bought 207 gallons.  You do the math.  Yes, I expressed my shock.  The fellow at the dock said, “Is this your annual refueling?”  No!  And it isn’t the last one of the year either…where did all the $2.00 diesel go…no, don’t tell me – I know.

We were ready a couple months ago, and so much of the process was done, and so now when it’s time to go, there was little to do – I hope! Everything got stowed – I hope!!  I will be listening for bumps and clinks just in case.

This little 2 1/2 hour cruise works as a nice shake down cruise after sitting at the dock for four months and doing many preventative maintenance projects. All is well.

Seas are flat with a slight swell, no wind to speak of, and there is lots of sea life checking us out.  In fact a whale just crossed our bow.  It was black – is this a good or bad sign??

A great day for departure!

Underway at First Light

We get underway at first light tomorrow. We should round Point Conception no later than noon.

Stay tuned for updates as time and connections allow.

5 thoughts on “Voyage Planning – We’re Underway!

  1. Fuel is higher her, Peaked at $4.05/gal. A couple of weeks ago it was down to $3.85/gal. It really helps having three refineries within 10 miles of the fuel dock.

  2. We had left Santa Barbara at 3:30 A M, and made it to Morro Bay 4;30
    PM. This was June 16th, 2000.

    Morro Bay to Monterey Bay , 12 hours aprox 8.5 Knots !

    Have a great time !! We will be thinking of you !

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