DESERT VENTURE at Angel Island

Angel Island

We just arrived at Ayala Cove on Angel Island, in San Francisco Bay. The weather is idyllic and we plan to spend a couple days here.  Check out the Angel Cam.    (Remember, you can click on the highlighted words or use the link below.)

Maybe you will get a glimpse of us having fun!

The photo below is not the cam – just a great view of the harbor!

Port of Angel Island

Port of Angel Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hopefully, you will be able to see us! Check back often.

2 thoughts on “DESERT VENTURE at Angel Island

  1. What a gorgeous area you are in! It does indeed look idyllic and that Angel Cam is great! Wish we could be there with you since the weatherman is predicting our first 100 degree day and the first string of consecutive 100+ degree days this weekend! YUCK! 100 is still tolerable but we know the horrible heat is coming! Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

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