Boatless – In the PNW

Yes, that’s right. We are up in the Pacific Northwest, but we aren’t here with our home, our boat, our MV DESERT VENTURE.

Remember my last post? Like weeks and weeks ago? I know I left you waiting for the much anticipated voyage north – but the weather just didn’t materialize. Well, not quite true. It did finally show up – departure would have been the day after we departed on this road trip. In fact, we stopped all planning and Bruce watched weather round the clock – watching and waiting – to see if the conditions would hold or fade. Finally, it was Thursday, with the road trip departure planned for the next morning. Fearing the weather window would be short, we opted for the road trip.

Bummer! It turned that the weather window was even better and longer than forecast. Most likely we would be in the PNW with the boat! But, it is all hindsight, we promised not to kick ourselves for the decision, and now we make the trip count.

We spent the last week at friends’ beach house on the north end of the Long Beach Peninsula. It is a great place to hang out.  It made a great base, too, while we did business. We planned to rendezvous with grandchildren and spend a week here with them, but their trip was cancelled. We are disappointed, but understand.

Our next leg is to spend July 4 with a best friend and celebrate his retirement. Should be a blast! Ha! 4th of July – blast – get it? 😉

We hope to connect with more friends while we are in the area.

Meanwhile – you know what Bruce is doing – checking weather. We will continue to watch for a weather window. Depending on how late a northerly window arrives, we may flip the coin and head south. Since we aren’t getting the joy of a summer on the water in the PNW, we are wondering why we should do the challenges of the PNW in the winter.

It all remains to be seen. Meanwhile DV waits to see where her next destination will be – and so do we!

2 thoughts on “Boatless – In the PNW

  1. My dumb computer is having seizures or something! Anyway, hope you and the Captain are enjoying your road trip in the cool and beautiful northwest! Can’t wait for your next installment!

  2. Hi’ Angie / Bruce . Glad you Guys are enjoying youre road trip , Im sure Capt,Bruce is wanting to get back on his Ocean voyaging . Especialy with such fine weather to cruse around under . As I have said befor One fine day if you ever get as far North as Bishop , Ca . Have to stop by our home and say Hello and enjoy a nice Home dinner with tess and I ..Alwayse and forever welcome in our Home ..Nice to hear from You ..Continue to enjoy the Great Crusing life ..Thank You for the Upgraded site here ….Best alwayse ….Frank……out

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