3 thoughts on “Please Check out “Northbound Voyage 2013 – First Leg” – again.

  1. Angela, As usual I enjoyed the posting and am glad your trip to Eureka went well. You will be in the Pacific Northwest before us. We plan to drive to Port Angeles in early June, get the boat ready, but not likely leave for a few weeks. Once we get there Gail has at least one major project plus all the usual dewinterizing etc.

    . We made Newport to Gray’s Harbor in about 20 hrs. Going into there in the dark was a challenge with so many lights. Only by following the charts precisely did we make it without any incidents. When leaving early the next morning in daylight we saw what seemed like hundreds of crab pots and made us feel very lucky not to have snagged any!

    We hope the rest of your trip to the Straits of Jaun de Fuca is uneventful and that we can connect some time this summer.

    Karen Harris

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