MV Desert Venture Shines


January 2015

January is half over! Where did the time go? The sun is shining and it’s almost 60 degrees F  here. MV Desert Venture just sparkles these days. She’s clean as a button – inside and out. Walk aboard and she smells sweet! No really – there’s no funky boat odors here.

January is Seattle Boat Show month

The Seattle Boat Show is going full force this week and next. MV Desert Venture is featured with Cap Sante Yachts.

We’re excited! DV is ready for new cruisers. Man, is she ready and raring to get underway. In fact, we’re going to take her out for a little voyage on Monday. DV is going to love that!

Update in the Engine Room

I don’t think I showed you the latest update on the boat.

new workbenchLook at the fresh new workbench.  It’s ready for new projects. Call me sentimental, but I did love the old workbench.

It told the story of our years aboard and all the time and effort that went in to make Desert Venture the loved and lovely yacht she is today.  But, it’s out with the old and in with the new!  She is a blank slate today! I wonder who will make the first memories – I mean dents and dings – on the bench?  Whoever they are – they are going to be thrilled!

There I go waxing poetic about a work bench!  What’s next?  🙂

Meanwhile MV Desert Venture awaits new owners!

1 thought on “MV Desert Venture Shines

  1. D.V. The Perfect Yacht , She is a well cared for Vessel and all that Tender Lovin care shows through in every way , Anyone fortunate to get Her will surely understand that and continue Her happy lifestyle , Great little work bench there in photo , I certainly thank you for posting and look fwd to the day we can meet one again for a feed and drinks , Do Enjoy that little coastal Voyage on D V , Im sure capt. Bruce will love it . All Best ….Frank….out

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