This week, after much ado, our beautiful yacht, DESERT VENTURE, sailed away with her new owners.  We wish DV, and her new owners, much success.  It’s likely you’ll see DV out on the waters of Puget Sound – and if so, please tell her we still love her!

We now have a new – and unusual – found freedom.  It may take a while to figure out where life leads us, but meanwhile we plan to spend some quality time on our “dirt house”, and make some plans.   We’re thinking about a bucket list.  Hmmm……thinking, thinking…

Now that DV has moved on, I should probably move in “A New Direction” in blogging.  Let me know what you might be interested in seeing.  I have plenty more stories where all my previous blogs came from – the water –  but I do think I should wander further afield – à la dirt blogging!  😉

Meanwhile, Captain and I are busy adjusting to being boat-less.  Stay tuned!

Ya never know where we’ll turn up next!

I can’t begin to tell you all – my dedicated Followers –  how much I valued your interest and support in our lifestyle.  Even though we were always “At Home Today”, we were often in new ports where we didn’t know a soul – at least at first!  We met most of you along the way, and with your friendship and interest in our life style, we kept you close to us as we moved on and about. You all were a wonderful part of the awesome experience of living and cruising aboard MV DESERT VENTURE!



9 thoughts on “MV DESERT VENTURE Moves On

  1. We are blessed that we are two of the many friends you both made while cruising on the beautiful Desert Venture! We will miss her but look forward to your future blogs. God bless you and the Captain in every and all your future undertakings!!

  2. angie, I love your blogs! Speaking of bucket lists, I took two items from my bucket list when I went sky diving,(awesome!) and hang gliding. I will be very interested to hear about yours. Bonnie Lahr

  3. They say the two best days in a boat owners life are the day he buys his ew boat (Yeah!!) and the day that he sells it………….Maybe he didn’t own a boat like D.V. New days ahead
    you guys ,new days ahead,

  4. Being a dirt scratcher is tough work 🙂
    You guys will be afloat again before you know it.
    All the Best.
    Please stay in touch.
    Think I am trucking LaVida from Duluth to Seattle next winter!
    Sea U


  5. Congratulations! I admit that we seriously wanted to buy your DV, but simply couldn’t make it work. We hope her new owners have as much fun with her as you did! Aileen (Did a tour of your boat in May during the boat show – and it has impacted my life and boat choice ever since!)

    • DV has that affect on folks! She sets the bar high. Though one day we may find a little boat to get us around, nothing will ever meet the standards of DV! Good luck in your search.

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