Why We Go – Friends in Familiar Places


Why We Go –  Friends in Familiar Places

May 30, 2008


We have been having a great time renewing our memories of the NW.   In addition we have gotten to spend time with friends all along the way.   Really, it just doesn’t get better for us. 


One last note on Port Angeles, WA.   This was our third time in Port Angeles.   They have the best fuel prices in the area to our knowledge.   We did our last main refueling and this will last us through the summer.  We were quite pleasantly surprised by the beautiful new docks.  I regret not getting a “before” picture previously.   To say the least, the docks were in dire need of repair, and the beautiful replacement is very impressive.  Wow, we thought, all the cruisers are going to love coming in here!  And, gee – all this for us!   NOT!  J  It turns out there is a mega yacht builder right there in Port Angeles.  They need a very robust set of docks and power to put the final finish on their beautiful creations.   There were four of these beauties tied to the dock on our day of departure.   This picture below is of three (one was a transient yacht).   The little space in between two of them is where we were tied up. I couldn’t get them all in the picture! WOW – again.


Though our next planned destination was Port Townsend, we went on to Anacortes.  It was a good decision.   We got to catch up with friends Karen and Mike, who we met in San Diego.  Their friends Doug and Sandy picked us up and took us to Mike and Karen’s for a great evening of dining and visiting.   The next night friends, Steve and Karen, who we met  here in Washington, drove over from Oak Harbor and took us to dinner.  It was great to see them and we hope to get to cruise a bit with them in the fall.   The third night, our long time boating buddy, Mac and CAPTAIN PARADISE,  arrived from San Francisco.  He and his crew member, Russell, came to dinner.   We had a great time visiting and fine dining on D/V.


While in Anacortes, our timing was perfect, and we got to enjoy the Maritime Festival, held right there at Cap Sante Marina.   There were lots of booths selling everything from baskets to fish and chips.  There should a law against putting out odors of that wonderful popcorn they sell at every event.  Yum.   The Passagemaker Trawler Fest was set to start on May 22, and we had to leave on May 21, so they could start bringing in the boats that would be shown during the event. That worked out perfect for us.   We did our provisions, got a hair cut, and did several other things on “the list”, and was ready to be underway. 


Our next stop was Friday Harbor.  This port is always a pleasant experience for us.  It is always bustling and full of energy, with all the tourists coming off the ferries.  There are always lots of people milling about town.  We spent one night, and then off we went to a favorite anchorage at Reid Harbor on Stuart Is, in the San Juan Islands.   It was a perfect day.   We stayed on the boat, not going ashore, doing one of our favorite things – nothing!  Well, unless napping, reading, and checking stuff in the engine room is something.  J 


We have been to Reid Harbor several times.  We have seen the harbor packed with boats, and then like this day, just a few boats enjoying the solitude.  On our first trip to the harbor, we were entertained by a pair of osprey, feeding their young.   We could actually hear the babies cheeping.  We think the parents realized we were observing them and quieted them down.  The nest was still there and we wondered if there were some eggs that might hatch out soon.  Look at that beautiful clear sky in May in PNW!  Wonderful!!


 The next morning we departed and headed for British Columbia, Canada.  We were excited as this means our summer cruising has really begun.  And, not only were we headed to Canada, but we were headed to another social event with friends!


And you wonder – why we go??

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