Weather Forecasting Tools – One More

Thanks to Connie Penning, I realized I omitted one of the sites we use.   We don’t believe any one tool is enough information. You could potentially get information overload, too, but the three sites I posted yesterday and the following site make up the basic suite of tools for our planning purposes.

Weather Radiofax Charts. This is the same information that is transmitted via high frequency out at sea – many boats receive this information via a HF Radiofax Machine.

Notice we pull our information from the Point Reyes site for the west coast. Bruce looks at the Wind/Wave and Surface charts. When we are south of the American border he uses the Tropical Analysis. You can pull information from current time out to 96 hours. Choose the GIF option.

Please understand that I am not attempting to give lessons in meteorology. We have had many requests for the tools we use. Please use caution in using any information that puts you, your family, friends, and vessel at risk.

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