At Home – Sand Island

At Home – Sand Island

May 3, 2010

A week ago, we spent a week at Sand Island. That’s the maximum time you are allowed to stay, and it worked out perfect for us. We spent most of the time by ourselves, working on one project or another. The weather was a mixed bag of sun, wind, and rain. Take a close look at our mooring lines.  We are in cruising mode, with chafing gear protecting our lines.

Toward the end of the weekend, some boaters cruised in. I half expected their stay to be a brief one – walk the dogs and have lunch – then head home since it was Sunday. This is not an unusual expectation since most people have to work on Monday morning. In the case of this particular Sunday, that was not the case.  A C-dory arrived late Saturday and stayed. Sunday afternoon another motorboat arrived with a couple gentlemen aboard.

We try to be friendly and open to conversation and meeting new people everywhere we go. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Some boaters are trying to get away from “it all” and don’t want to chat with strangers. I watched the people on the C-Dory and they seemed pretty content with themselves. I was working on the computer – writing the last blog, and decided to let them be. The other boat looked to have a son and older father aboard. They, too, seemed pretty content with their situation. Not every dock stay ends in a party – that is just life.

The weather was almost idyllic on Sunday afternoon. I quickly realized it was “sit in the sun” weather. The sun has been making few appearances lately and to bask in some nice warm sunshine was nice. I went out to sit on our forward settee, and soak up some rays. Bruce came along shortly afterward. While I was there on my own, I sent a little smile toward the older fellow, but didn’t really get much response back. Usually eye contact, a smile, a wave, and next thing you know you are talking and then you are sharing a beverage and a boat story. That’s how it all happens – dock parties – that is. Bruce came and joined me. We sat and visited and enjoyed the day. While we were sitting there the two men took off walking, and the C-Dory couple returned from a long walk with their two dogs.  One of the dogs, Molly, is a fourteen year old golden lab, and the other, Lilly, is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. To my surprise and concern, the couple proceeded to get down on their knees, take a dog in their arms and, one at a time dunk them into the river to rinse the sand off. I was very worried that they would fall in while attempting to wash the dogs – as most of you know that is always on my mind. To my amazement it was a huge success. Both dogs got rinsed, and Lilly kept trying to get back to the sand! We applauded their success, and the lady, Susan, came down to take a bow and tell us there was no charge for the show they just provided. And, as you might guess – one thing led to another – and that led to a dock party!

John and Susan, came down to our boat, and we enjoyed some light snacks and a glass of wine and got to know one another. John is taking an early semi-retirement and Susan was taking Monday off from work. Great! We had a nice chat and then they went to back to their boat.

We prepared to take a walk on the island. We got as far as their boat, got distracted with offers of cocktails, forgot the walk, and the party continued. About this time Klaus East, as in east coast and visiting his son Klaus West -coast, came down to check out John and Susan’s boat. He was thinking about a C Dory for himself – at home back east. His son, Klaus West, a Southwest Airline pilot, taking a few days with his father, was tipped off to a party by Bruce, and then the entire dock was into the party. We all laughed and chatted about one thing and another. All of a sudden it was dinner, and we all put our offerings together and dined on D/V. And, sometimes, that is what happens – At Home – on Sand Island.

5 thoughts on “At Home – Sand Island

  1. That sure was a fun day! We enjoyed meeting everyone. We’ll be following your adventures this summer! Have fun.

  2. What a great time on Sand Island…it’ll make me smile everytime I stop by. Hope you guys have fair winds and calm seas. I’m looking forward to San Leandro!
    West Klaus

  3. Hi guys, Sounds like you are having a great time, just taking it easy, amen…..
    …… James, Fortine, in B-5

  4. You two ARE a party…just waiting to happen. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. Love the updates! Ilene

  5. angie & bruce the weather is not much better up north PA is cold and wet maby a break sat and sundat then rain and wind again i will keep you posted we are still planning on leaving around the end of the month


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