News Alert! We are still in port!

The captain woke me at 0445 to tell me to go back to sleep. Winds had arisen that would make voyaging uncomfortable. “Out of the blue” winds to 25 knots were forecast –  and it was already blowing where we are, and up the entire coast of Washington. So, tomorrow looks like a go – I feel like I jinx us when I say we are going to do a specific thing – however – I just did it – again!

Stand by, Stay Tuned. I am going to try to post as we are underway.

Many thanks and great appreciation for your continued support and interest in our blog!

4 thoughts on “News Alert! We are still in port!

  1. Hi Bruce and Angie,

    Keep us posted! Mike and I are back in Portland…spent a few days with Rob and Shannon, saw my brother, had the car break down again (the LAST dealer forgot to put the nut on the wheel axle!) and now are back in Portland for Mother’s day…will head home on Monday! Stay well!

  2. Weather and Tide wait for no man or woman…;). Hope your bar crossing is uneventful…
    West Coast Klaus

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