Wow! 10,007 Hits!!!

I was so exited this morning when I saw the hits to my blog topped 10,000!  Wow!   I know many of the hits were folks seeing if I had posted a new blog, but still, it means you are looking, and that makes me feel like the blog is worth reading to you and that makes me very happy!

THANK YOU to all of you, as it is you who make the blog the success (TO ME) that it is!!!

Deep Appreciation and hugs to you all!


3 thoughts on “Wow! 10,007 Hits!!!

  1. HI

    Of course we are all reading your blog we are all interested to see what you are up to. How do you find out how many hits it has. Never knew you could do that.

  2. Hi Angie

    I just subscribed to your RSS feed and added it to my MyYahoo page. That way I can see instantly when you have posted to your blog. I have a few other RSS feeds on that page. One I set up for Craig’s List with the search keyword “sailboat” netted me an 8 ft Fatty Knees dinghy with full sail kit for $200 last week, because I was the first one to see the ad.

    We just spent the weekend on Cinnamon, in the rain here in Portland, waiting for a break that never came, to get out for a sail. We managed to entertain ourselves, but I’m sure ready for some warm sunny weather. I’m sure you are too, but at least you have a head start getting north when summer finally comes.

    Stay safe and keep us posted on your travels.

    Dan and Beth Burch
    S/V Cinnamon
    Portland, Oregon, USA

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