Places We Go – Port Townsend

Ahoy friends!  We moved on to Port Townsend. Not as pretty a ride, but okay, and a shorter duration.   The transit was, in some respects, like the trip to Port Angeles, but the water was a little more animated – not creating much of a difference in the ride – until a container ship came along and rocked us.  Their wake can be significant.  No damage done.  I watched a pleasure yacht move toward the container ship.  It became clear they wanted to “play” in the wake of the ship!  There was a person on the foredeck and it didn’t look as if he had a life vest on.  The boat first pitched significantly, then rolled.  I saw the person grab the rail to hang on.  The boat flailed in the wake for a few minutes.   Seemed like flirting with danger to me, but then many people enjoy flirting with danger.

We passed the New Dungeness Light House and the Port Hudson Lighthouse.

Port Townsend is one of my favorite ports – home to a favorite clothing store, book store, two galley (kitchen) shops, coffee shops galore, and dining.  We have been here for three days, and now staying a couple more, to avoid some weather.   So far, I have visited my favorite clothing store – Bickies – three days in a row! I only bought on two days, the second to exchange for size – but I was told I better go back since we don’t know when we will stop this way again – it seems wrong to pass up such an invitation!  We had coffee on Sunday Morning at a nice little place.  Bruce had a chocolate chip cookie the size of a plate!  Yum.

These are our most dignified neighbors – here at the commercial dock – in Port Townsend.

And these boys, too!

Water pictures make the most sense for the blog, when we transit larger waterways – such as what you have seen on the Pacific Ocean and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  I hope you aren’t getting bored.  The water state is always changing and I am intrigued by how it changes dramatically with wind and wake.  Yet, nothing is more beautiful than satin smooth water.

We will be heading down into Puget Sound soon.   After a brief stay, we will then head north to British Columbia.

We have received great comments about our lifestyle.   It occurred to me, that I have become very accustomed to what we do, and take it for granted – forgetting all the adjustments I made as I moved aboard.  Much of what we do that is unique to our lifestyle, feels normal to us.  What would you like to know more about – on our lifestyle, boats, and voyaging?  What do you enjoy most about the blog? I try to give something to all of you – so tell me what you want to know and what you would like to see in the photos!

We have been here before, so, I have blogged about “here”.   Help me keep the blog fresh and interesting!  I look forward to your ideas and comments!

Thank you all for your encouragement, comments, and continued interest in our travels and blog!

We hope you will continue to follow along to “The Places We Go”!

12 thoughts on “Places We Go – Port Townsend

  1. Angie, thanks for putting us on your blog email list. It’s fun to follow your travels and I appreciate the seriousness with which you cruise. We look forward to a larger boat and cruising full time as well in the future!

    John & Susan, Cesta

    • The two eagle photos were taken within moments of each other. I have a similar picture of the one on the cell tower I took in 2005. Maybe it’s the same fellow. We first thought that the one on the cell tower had moved to the sea wall, until we saw the Cell Tower guy was still there! The hue and cry of the gulls is what drew our attention to the eagles.

  2. Isn’t it fun to go shopping with the Captain’s credit card? I hide mine by the spare tire of our RV. I know she’ll never look there. When my wife goes shopping I opt for a bag of Oreos. It seems to ease the pain.

    Steady as she goes… Jean-Louis

  3. Hi Angie–Have you thought of writing a book? You are very good and interesting in your writings. Just a thought if you ever get bored. (not likely) We really enjoy your blogs. Actually your book could be a commpilation of your blogs. Hugs and safe cruising.
    Bonnie and Bob Pennington

  4. I enjoy just seeing where you are going and when you get there. It is always different because each time you go even to the same place you see things that is diffferent to you. I liked your shop I see they sell cotton clothing as that is all I can wear. You do a wonderful job at writing.

  5. Well, I think those shops and cafe needs to pay you for the great advertisment and recommendation. Well, I know where to go when I visit. Take care. 🙂

  6. Wow, Angie, taking blog requests! Well, after thinking about it for a minute, of course I like to read about the technical stuff. Always trying to figure out if I am doing things the right way or easiest way.

    And the little unexpected things that crop up even to experienced boaters. You guys sure come across as experts and I would much prefer to learn from your experiences than have them all firsthand.

    The one thing that maybe does not come through on your blog, is the constant care and attention Bruce (and you) pays to maintenance. Sure you mention he did this or that, but the hours spent doing them might surprise a non boater. If he did not enjoy doing that stuff, your lifestyle would be way less satisfying I’m sure. We were docked next to a fellow for a while who called himself a “checkbook mechanic” meaning he did not do anything himself. Can you imagine doing it like that? Not me!

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the great comment, Peter! In fact, we have been thinking of adding “Captain’s Corner” to the blog. The reason we go so successfully is that the Captain loves what we do. Standby for more technical boat info.

  7. Hi

    Thanks for the nice pictures and info on your favorite places in Port Townsend. Very nice, not boring us at all!

    Hope you are securely tied tonight, looks like a bit of a blow coming in.

    Looking forward to following your adventures.


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