August 6, 2010

There are a couple more BC blogs coming, though we are back in the USA.   Where did summer go???  It is COLD (54 degrees F) and drizzly this morning! We had to put on warm shoes/socks, long pants, and a jacket to get underway! Looks like we have a couple more days of this weather before summer resumes.

Where did summer go???

We enjoyed a great dinner with friends from S/V WHIRLWIND last night.  It was great to see them.  We had a fine time catching up on each others news.  We look forward to seeing them again soon!

We are headed south into Puget Sound, where we will spend a week.  Apparently, some boat at the dock we stayed at last night messed with our auto pilot.  The track below shows the circular movement of the boat when we “compensate the heading rate stabilizer and fluxgate compass ” .

Cool, huh?!?

And that what we do, when we’re – At Home – Underway!

4 thoughts on “Brrrrrrr!

  1. Hi Angie and Bruce

    Are you heading for Mexico. When we talked to Bruce in April at Walker Island he said the first time he had to put his coat on he was heading for Mexico…of course I don’t know if he has hardly had his coat off this “summer”. Looks like another cool and cloudy weekend here in Portland too.


    • Dan, asked this about a month ago. I wrote and told him, that when he saw his comment posted, we would be looking for a weather window south. We now wait for that window! Stand By! Thanks for remembering, Dan, and thanks for asking!

  2. So are you staying in the US for the rest of the summer? When we went north to Wallace and Montague Harbor it was hot. It has been a crazy summer weatherwise — but I hate the heat (greater than 75 degrees).

  3. So…where are you? We’re still in San Diego. The kids (Ryan and his folks) are still in town and we are doing all the SoCal things…LegoLand, Zoo, SeaWorld. It finally warmed up here and we are enjoying very nice weather. Back to FL next week!

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