Places We Go – Chemainus – More of the Story!

July 10 and 14, 2010

[This blog was interrupted, briefly, by BRRRRR, and now continues where I left off.]

So, now you know a lot more about Chemainus. I mentioned we were hungry, and later we found a place to eat. This was our second time at this restaurant, and I was not inspired – either time. We did find one restaurant a couple years ago that was better, but we really don’t have a favorite eating place – except for the Japanese Restaurant – Kudos Japanese Restaurant. However, there is still plenty to love about Chemainus.  We would love to hear from anyone that has a stellar restaurant recommendation for Chemainus.

Their main street is packed full coffee shops, bakeries, little eateries, ice cream stores, upscale and downscale tourist gadget shops, etc. There is a wonderful nursery, where I bought my summer bedding plants two years ago. One of my favorite shops is the Dollar and Sense Store. Things cost more and less than what their name implies, but nothing is expensive. I find things in this store, that have been discontinued, that I still want. One time I made a killing on mesh laundry bags with woven handles. Recently,  I was looking everywhere, including several nurseries and yard and garden stores (including Lowes and Home Depot) for replacement chain hangers for the hanging flower baskets. Yep! I knew I would find them there! And they are so nice and shiny. Sometimes it’s simple things that make you happy, right? 🙂

Speaking of what makes you happy, how about a used book store that serves the best Iced Carmel Latte – maybe in the world?!!??  Just as we promised, the next morning we walked into the bookstore/coffee shop. We walked up to the counter and the lady we spoke to the previous afternoon was there. She gave us a big smile, and said, “You did come back!”. We did say we would be back! Bruce ordered his usual caramel macchiato and I ordered an iced caramel latte. If you order an iced caramel latte at Starbucks and most other places you get a regular latte that has been iced. NOT here! I was so impressed, amazed, and totally happy with my iced caramel latte! I would go every morning – if I lived in Chemainus – for that latte! It is probably a good thing I don’t live there, ya think?

Tell me! Don’t you think this is something to write home about? YUM! 🙂

I picked up two books, too. It was a totally satisfying coffee morning.  There is a bakery in the next block up.  We stopped there for wonderful sour dough bread, Naniamo Bars, and other goodies.

We lingered over our lattes until it was time to walk across town (or up the town as it is uphill all the way) to the salon. Janette, at Urban Legends, cut my hair. I have to tell you that there is nothing more sobering to a woman than walking into a completely strange salon and asking for a haircut. You get who you get and you live with what you got – if you get my drift! I have had fairly good luck with haircuts in British Columbia. Somehow, I come out with a lot less hair than I expect – much shorter than I envisioned. Fortunately, it seems to work out good for me for the summer. Janette was very friendly, and basically, I heard her say just what Alan, at Robert Alan Salon in Olympia, says says every time I go in for a cut. Raise it to here – indicating my ears and yada yada…yes! Well, it was about the same at the ears. It was a good cut, and I have been happy with it. Thanks, Janette!

We stopped off at the IGA that is up in the town for a couple things I couldn’t get at the other store, then it was back to the boat. We got underway, and went – back to Telegraph Harbor – where else?

We spent four days there, hanging out, and waiting for the weather to calm down on the Strait of Georgia. We departed Telegraph Harbor, crossed back over to Chemainus, which was 3.5 nautical miles, watered up, bought a few groceries, bought more sour dough, and had a final Iced Carmel Latte. Next stop – across the Strait of Georgia to False Creek, in Vancouver, on the mainland of British Columbia – and one of the most exciting events of the summer!

And that is where you will find us – the next Place We Go!

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