Underway and Headed South – Arrived Newport

Just a quick update. We made it into Newport at 2330 last night. We had fog the entire day. At one point we may have had a couple miles of visibility but it was mostly less than a .2 mile. In the last two days, while out on the ocean, we never saw the shore, even though we were mostly no more than three miles off. Yesterday we moved out to ten miles off shore to avoid the effects of the Columbia River. We seemed to be the only boat out there until getting very close to Newport, late last night.

There was one boat about .3 mile off our port side that we never saw. There was a tug and tow about .2 mile off our port side. They were a very vague “glow” as we went by. We think they followed us into the harbor.

We had zero visibility until almost under the famous Newport bridge. We did motor close enough to the buoys to confirm we were where we thought we were.

I can not begin to impress upon boaters how important it is to confirm that their charts are accurate, their GPS and chart plotter agree with their charts, and that the radar reflects what the charts and GPS are saying. Ours are totally on and what a HUGE relief that is, when they are what you totally depend upon to get you to a safe harbor in zero visibility.

We heard a request for assistance late in the afternoon. A small open boat had gotten lost in the fog, no radar – they were in the surf. They wanted rescued! The US Coast Guard told them to go west until they had 100 feet of water under them. The Coast Guard sent a boat out to them.  We love our Coast Guard.

One other very sobering note.  While underway we heard a MAYDAY of a person falling into the water in Grays Harbor about sundown.  There is nothing that disturbs me more about being on the water than a person falling overboard.  They never found the poor soul and called off the search due to darkness.  I am grieved.  Believe me, my getting on the dock at 2330 was a very careful maneuver.  Issues like this make you realize how frail life can be.

But!  We are safe, sound, and happy to be in Newport!

Leroy, the fellow at the South Beach fuel dock, loaned us his vehicle to go grocery shopping.  He did the same for us three years ago.  Leroy is a very gentle and generous man.  We thank you, Leroy!

We already have new friends we can’t wait to get to know better, and we have dinner plans with our friends, Nancy and Michael, from the Newport Belle B&B!

We are truly blessed.  A great boat takes us to safe harbors where we meet wonderful people!  And that is really WHY WE GO!

2 thoughts on “Underway and Headed South – Arrived Newport

  1. Angie

    WOW, you guys are moving South fast. We were on Cinnamon for two days, Monday and Tuesday and when I got home Wednesday you are already in Newport.

    We are looking forward to following your trip.

    Dan and Beth Burch
    S/V Cinnamon

    • Ahoy Dan and Beth,

      We aren’t moving as fast as we would like. We are in Newport, OR, until the weather abates – maybe Sunday. It’s possible we may really go fast after getting around Cape Blanco! Hope your days on the boat were perfect!

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