Underway – Headed South – Arrived Eureka, CA

We had a good overnight trip. We had excellent visibility the entire way!  The almost full moon, shaded nicely by some light clouds, shed a little light.  The seas smoothed out, but with a westerly swell that rolled us a little. We did fine.

We arrived Eureka, CA, just before noon today (Wednesday).  We ran about 243 nautical miles, for 29 hours.  We had some good currents that helped increase our average speed.

We are tired, but the boat is now clean – of salt, and of “leftovers” from the birds who apparently rode topside! Yuck!

Will write more after we get some sleep!

9 thoughts on “Underway – Headed South – Arrived Eureka, CA

  1. Hi Angie and Bruce
    I’m in your old home state of Wyoming Angie-Big Piney to be exact. Have been here for the past month staying with a dear friend who has recently had major surgery. All is going well and will be heading back to Whistler next week. Following your progress with interest-safe sailing.


  2. Glad to hear you are making good progress south. We tried to contact you while we were in BC and Puget Sound waters in July and August but no luck. Perhaps next year! We just got back from a month on safari in Africa (South Africa, Botswana and Zambia). Great experience. Our ‘sea legs’ came in handy in the canoes and safari vehicles! Best to you both and good voyages.

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