Mexico Living – Around Paradise Village

Bruce worked at regaining his strength by taking it easy in the mornings, napping early, and as I mentioned previously, swimming at the pool. The pool is a busy place, with lots of tourists soaking up the warmth and sun, while escaping the winter weather up north. We don’t have a hard time meeting people, and this place was no different. It was nice to have some social interaction while we were doing sick bay.

We met Derek and Eve in the first days of exercise. They live in the Edmonton, Alberta, CA area. We had so much fun visiting – or they hated the idea of going back to winter – they extended their stay an additional week. To add to the fun, the resort gifted them a bottle of champagne, which they insisted on sharing with us. Bruce’s energy was mostly gone by the time he finished exercise so we planned a morning champagne brunch. They brought the orange juice, champagne, and croissants. We provided the rest of breakfast, though their contribution would have been plenty! We had a great time with them.

Just between you and me, I thought their names were perfect for a rousing Scottish-based romance novel – you would have purred listening to their accent. What do you think? I mean, really – Derek and Eve. 🙂

Wow! I got this photo the same day as our brunch. Gorgeous – including her princess bride flip flops! It isn’t unusual to see a wedding around here. It is Paradise – after all.

Aren’t I lucky? This is my view while I sip my second cup of coffee and check email every morning.

I managed to salvage a few of last summer’s flowers and grow some amaryllis this winter. The rosemary in my herb pot is almost a shrub!

You haven’t seen all the great things happening on DESERT VENTURE while Bruce was in recovery. She got a full wax and polish. And isn’t she all pretty and shiny – this, just after a full day of proper boat washing by Noel. Noel! You are the best! I think D/V is smiling here. Don’t you? She might be humming, “I’m so pretty…”.

And, what else can you expect here in Paradise? Starbucks! Yes, we get there on occasion.

Meet Grady. He is a local resident here. He says “Come on down!” The weather is better than up north, the sun shines and the skies are a gorgeous blue – here at Paradise where we are doing our Mexico Living.

4 thoughts on “Mexico Living – Around Paradise Village

  1. I’m so glad it was M/V Desert Venture that got the waxing and not the flip-flopping bride! I’m with you, time to write that Romance novel about the strong but stubborn Derek and the lovely but secretly wounded Eve. When can we expect to see it?! Happy sunshine!!

    • Ellen! If there was a prize you would win! Your comment is the fastest, after posting a blog I have ever received! Thanks for the comment and thanks for subscribing!

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