Singing My Praises – 20,000+ Hits

Most of you know I am a humble person.  However, I can’t help but sing out my joy on this  occasion.

Two blogs ago I topped the 20,000 hit mark.  Well, I didn’t top it – all you wonderful followers and friends managed to check in often enough to keep the hits coming.  I can’t thank you enough for hanging in there with us while I kept you posted on DESERT VENTURE and her crew.

Leslie Carter, another WordPress Blogger, LIKED my blog. (Click on her name and check out her blog.)  Thanks, Lesley!

All this good news on the blog “Voyaging – Morro Bay to Half Moon Bay”. So, for me, it was a double bonus blog.   More than 200 hits came from that blog alone, and I only needed two to top 20,000! And, I got a Like Vote.  Super cool, huh?

I know you love the voyage blogs the best, but let’s face it – we don’t voyage all the time.  In fact, we voyage to get from one place to another.   While we are sitting for the winter, I hope to keep your interest with things boating, living in the San Francisco Bay area, and places beyond.

Meanwhile, I thank you from the depths of my heart for your loyalty.

Standby for more to come while – I’m Home – in San Leandro.

3 thoughts on “Singing My Praises – 20,000+ Hits

  1. 20,000 is quite something. If you want to hit 25,000 really fast, just post a pic of Bruce in his Santa suit!

    Happy Holidays and safe travels to you both.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Angie! We have to admit that we aren’t really surprised that you got to this milestone because you write a GREAT blog and include such wonderful pictures that most people must be like us – addicted to your blog!! Keep up the good work!! Hopefully we’ll see you soon! Abrazos, Stephanie and Larry
    P.S. I’ve tried to “like” your posts but worldpress says I’m not using the correct e-mail address!! Frustrating! Hey, just thought that I might still be registered under our att address! I’ll try that and let you know!! xoxo

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