Happy Thanksgiving!

We didn’t go over the river and through the woods for Thanksgiving.

I just returned from a week in Wyoming where I visited family.

It was cold, clear, and crisp.  There was a skiff of snow one morning.   Perfect weather for November!  And a perfect time to count our blessings!

Bruce and I are counting.  We know we are fortunate and are grateful for each other and this day.

We are happy, healthy, with friends and family that we love and that love us, and a special lifestyle that gives us a unique kind of freedom.

Needless to say – Followers of DESERT VENTURE,  you are important to us! Many of you fall into the friends and family above, but for those we don’t know – yet, you are indeed part of our circle.

We wish you all great blessings of home, hearth, and family and friends.  We wish you all good things.

Indeed, Happy Thanks Giving Day to you!

1 thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. We are also thankful for you and Bruce who take us landlubbers along with you on your adventures on the high seas! God bless you both always!

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