I’m Home Today – Just Sitting

June 27, 2009 

How many of you have a front porch with a some comfortable chairs? I know it is the “thing” to furnish front porches, patios, lanais, aft decks, etc., with inviting and, more importantly, really comfortable chairs to sit on and relax. Do you ever sit on yours? You know, the kind of relaxation where you just sit. You just let all the bad air out of your lungs and purge all the noise of the day – and Just Sit. Right about now I hope this picture is causing you to emit a sigh just envisioning such a scene. More than that, it should make you go find that place at your home and Just Sit.

In all our voyaging around Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, BC Gulf Islands, and islands further north, we see more porches BB Aft Viewand patios than you can imagine. ALL of them have wonderful water front views. Most of them have any number of chairs, some looking more comfortable than others, and almost without exception no one is Just Sitting. Oh! I think of all those porches and patios, and all of them “wasting” their views and the peace that comes from sitting. When I see those front porches I think of all the owners and how sad it is that they are too busy to Just Sit. When I see all those front porches I envision me sitting on that deck or porch. I can already feel the sun shining down on me, my feet slipping out of my sandals, I let out all the busy air, and inhale all the clean, fresh waterfront air, and a feeling of pure pleasure comes over me. Life is good.

Though this should come as no surprise to you, we are back in Blind Bay. We have projects and we have appointments on Monday and this is a good place to be. Oh, how happy I was this morning, here in Blind Bay! There! Right there, on that darling front porch of the red house, there were people sitting in the chairs! Finally! I have waited and waited just hoping someone would just sit and enjoy. It was early enough, they were in their robes and whatever, sort of hunkered over a nice hot cup of coffee (it was a little cool this morning) and they were Just Sitting. I am still so happy just thinking about the happy porch and the people!

BB Aft DeckCaptain and I have spent most of the day at one project each. Captain has repaired and rebuilt our dinghy davit winch. He is in the process of putting it back in service right now. We will be back in big dinghy action very shortly. I spent most of my time cutting out fabric for my latest fun projects. I love seeing all the colors I selected, then cutting them, and putting them together to make a new whole. It is quite satisfying, really. I still have all the sewing to do, and that will be another project day – at anchor – somewhere along the way.

Meanwhile, projects are finished for the day. Our aft deck, with a couple of comfy chairs, is in the lee of the boat, and calling to us.  After all – I’m Home Today – Just Sitting.