Mexico Cruising – Bahia Santa Maria

We departed Cabo San Lucas Saturday morning at sunrise. It was a piece of cake around Cabo Falso. And then the day built. Winds – NOT forecasted made for some big wind waves on top of the 5-6 swell that was forecast – on our nose – for lots of pitching. The swell was on a long period so should not have been much of a problem – the wind changed all that – of course. It got up to 20 knots at one point – a sailboater noted. The winds waves dominated, with us not actually seeing the southerly swell. So, we kept slowing down and down – finally settling in at 1400 rpms, and running between 5 something and 6.7 knots. Faster than all the poor sailboaters behind us and ahead of us. They were doing around 3 knots. They are still out there, poor babies.

So, our initial plan to run all the way to Bahia San Juanico is mostly scrapped, as the winds continue to build and at some point we would spend quite a bit of time with a big fat sea on our forward port quarter…not nice, very uncomfortable, and not something we want for us or DV.

Now the plan is to stay here until Wednesday and plan a track to Turtle Bay, and if necessary go into one of the hideouts between here and Turtle Bay.

It got downright chilly last night. Out came the sweats, the long sleeve shirts, and the fleece blankets. We had marine layer this morning, the wind is chilly – welcome back to the “dark” side of water. Hard to believe that three days ago, we were sweating, fighting mosquitoes, no aircon, fans pushing warm air around, wearing shorts, tanks, and sandals. Socks are back out, too. And so it goes. I don’t mind most of this – just the nasty seas.

The good news, for Bruce and John, is that it is perfect spaghetti weather!

Meanwhile, we are headed north – Mexico Cruising back to the USA.