Mexico Cruising – Burgee Exchange

That’s Bruce and I – on the swim platform of DESERT VENTURE. We are proud, but absent, members of the Bellingham Yacht Club.

This is Ken and Sylvia on S/V ANN LUCIA. Look back at this blog, when we met on the transient dock, in Newport, OR, last fall.

We had a wonderful reunion in Mazatlan.  Read about our time in the city – click here.

Ken and Sylvia expressed a wish to exchange yacht club burgees, and introduce our yacht clubs to each other. Needless to say it took awhile to get us all back together with burgees in hand.

But, we did manage it – in Mazatlan – in April!

Bruce displays our Bellingham Yacht Club (BYC) burgee. Ken displays their Hayama Yacht Club (HYC – oldest yacht club in Japan) burgee.

And now, drum roll, please….da dum…

Ken and Sylvia are now in Panama. You can read about their trip through the canal via their friend’s blog- SV JEORGIA

We can’t wait until we can rendezvous again.   Sail safe, friends!