Why We Go – Friends in Mexico

Valentine’s Day and an Anniversary

We met Stephanie and Larry four years ago, during our first visit to Mexico. We stayed in touch, never seeing each other, but building a lasting friendship. We were delighted to see Stephanie and Larry in Paradise Village and reunite with them. We saw each other several times – all a barrel of fun!

This is Larry and Stephanie. We were honored to share Valentines Day and their 30th wedding anniversary at Rincon de Buenos Aires, in Nuevo Vallarta.  This restaurant is just outside the entrance to Paradise Village.  They serve wonderful aged beef from Argentina.  The service is excellent, the presentation is beautiful, and the ambiance is perfect for a special night out – live music, too.

Stephanie and I topped the evening off with wonderful Mexican coffees – yum!

And – with complimentary Valentine Desert. Mexican Flan is wonderful.

A Day in Puerto Vallarta

We went into Puerto Vallarta one day. Stephanie and I shopped our hearts out while the guys went off to taste test tequila and cigars. We all had a great time.

River Cafe

Guys and gals met up for lunch at the River Café – a lovely restaurant on the river, with perfect tropical ambiance.

First things first – what to drink? Be advised most restaurants in Puerto Vallarta serve two-for-the-price of one beer or margaritas.  So, if you aren’t into two at a time, order one and share.

A lovely dining room, but we got lucky and dined in the gazebo overlooking the local wildlife – nice.

Curious Iguana

Mischievous Squirrel

Party Girls – a couple of the other dinners were having a fun time. I didn’t promise them, “What happens in PV, stays in PV”. I promised to put them in my blog. I hope they didn’t give up on me. 🙂

Stephanie and I wandered around the market alongside the river, just down from the River Café.

A lovely setting on a beautiful day!

Why We Go – friends, fun, food, and lovely places.