Deception Pass Transit

We went through Deception Pass the other day. Though a tricky passage, because you have to time your passage with the current, it’s a beautiful sight.  Located between Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands – in Washington, USA, it’s critical to time the passage with the current. We went through with about one negative knot of current (against us). Very shortly after passing under the bridge we were in fog.

Radar was going, and there on the screen was a WORM – so to speak. We had never seen that type of reflection on our radar screen. It sort of looked like a worm that inched its way along the screen, coming toward us at a good clip. Within moments of seeing the worm, we heard the blasts of a horn, and out of the fog came a classic wooden boat – in the lead – of 8 to 10 other boats! Amazing! The last few had no radar and they were staying as close in the line as possible to keep the boat ahead in sight!

Notice the green “worm”.  This was another flotilla we saw on the screen, but never saw through the fog.  A smaller example of what we first saw.  We continued north on to our destination and as soon as we crossed Rosario Strait we were out of the fog.

It was nice to get back into the sun!   We continued on to our destination – a new place – Hunter Bay.

That should be the end of the story, but as happens often with us on D/V, we got anchored, settled down to enjoy the afternoon and here came friends, John and Darla.  We hadn’t seen them since they departed Portland ahead of us!   We had a very enjoyable time catching up and telling each other our summer cruising stories.  We left them at anchor, but not before we cruised on by early the next morning. We caught them enjoying their early morning coffee.  I was asked to be kind and so this is the  “kind” picture that I got of John and Darla, on D J’s Delight!

A brand new – Place We Go – with friends already there!