Weather Watch – No Joy!

I know you are wondering when we head north. So do we! The weather is just not letting up. In general, the ocean conditions calm for a brief time between the Spring and Summer weather patterns. We don’t see our expected window. We get tiny teasers, but they evaporate within hours. Captain says the weather we see is much like the summer pattern and he despairs of us getting a weather window.  It will come, no worries.  Our window for last fall was later than what seemed normal to us, too.  It will come – really – it will.

Waiting in Richmond, the weather is down right miserable! Though it is sunny here, it is not a fun day.

The National Weather service reports our current conditions as SW winds 27 gusting to 35. It is blowing onto our aft deck. And not only the nasty wind, but salty sea filled winds.  And, it is cold – don’t forget the windchill factor!

You can watch our current conditions, via The National Weather Service thru this link –

Check the Angel Island column.  We are staring at the island through our port windows – less than three miles away.

Go a few miles inland and it is a beautiful 80 degrees – perfect summer weather – for me.

Don’t forget about our ABOUT WEATHER page.  You can help us predict a window by checking out the weather sites we use.

This will be our third trip north.  In 2005 we departed on April 30 and finished the trip – arriving in Neah Bay on May 6.  In 2008 we departed April 12, arriving in Port Angeles on May 10.  The second voyage was done in three legs – based on weather windows.  As you can see it took us a month to get up the coast in 2008.  What lays ahead for this voyage?   We all wonder – as we watch the weather.