Cruising Mexico – Sea of Cortez

We crossed from Mazatlan to La Paz about a week ago. The crossing was good with a few uncomfortable hours in the night – the worse time to be rolling, but Bruce sorted it out and we were fine.

This is a quick note while I still have bars on the Banda Ancha aircard.

We have been in the Sea of Cortez a few days. Actually, I can’t remember as we have been busy going and going. We were in Puerto Escondido for a couple days and got into Loreto for a brief visit. We left Puerto Escondido yesterday to get out of the harbor before Loreto Fest started. A very fun and busy place if you like lots of events, and busy-ness. 🙂

We are traveling with MV AARON SAWYER. We should be anchored in a bay, Puerto Ballandra,  at the northern tip of Isla Carmen before too long.

We were in Honeymoon Cove on Isla Danzante last night. It was totally quiet.  There were about a gazillion stars in the sky, and we could hear very large sea animals in the water around us. Very eerie  – but not scary.

The sea is turquoise blue, the sky is a pale blue, the water is warm, and the sun is shining.

All is good where we are! More details and pictures soon.

Meanwhile we are Cruising Mexico – in the Sea of Cortez!

3 thoughts on “Cruising Mexico – Sea of Cortez

  1. Warm sunny weather and flat water sound inviting. I can’t wait for the next DV update! We just moved back aboard and Campbell River, BC is currently gray, wet, 51 F and calm. Snowstorm whiteout reported by workboats in Okisollo Channel last week, so don’t rush north too soon.

    • Thanks Dee! We just got back into La Paz after two weeks up north in the Sea of Cortez. We arrived and were welcomed by 100+ degrees F!!! Not what we are used to, for certain. I am weighing the good, bad, and ugly comparing 100+ to 51 and grey! Thanks for the comment!

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