Mexico Cruising – Mazatlan to Aqua Verde Photos

We had a full moon the night we crossed the Sea of Cortez.

The moon rises in the east and we were westbound. So Mr. Moon was behind us, literally lighting the way with his moonbeam.

Do you see the Man in the Moon? Lovely!

These are some colors of the Sea of Cortez – dark blue waters, pale blue skies, and many hues of tans, corals, and brown.

Captain Mike – on M/V Aaron Sawyer, kicking back in San Evaristo. Nice.

Once again our Mexican charts are a “tad off” – this time in Aqua Verde. But no worries, we really weren’t anchored ashore! Our voyages, here in the sea are all fairly brief day voyages, which is comforting with inaccurate charts. It is nice to see where you are. Still, no worries, that is what radar and depth sounders are for!

M/V Aaron Sawyer in Aqua Verde. We plan to go back, on our way south to La Paz and spend a couple days. Beautiful.

Stand by for more photos of Cruising in Mexico – Sea of Cortez.

2 thoughts on “Mexico Cruising – Mazatlan to Aqua Verde Photos

  1. What absolutely gorgeous pictures, Angie! You are right – we should have asked you to take our anniversary pictures for us because your pictures are LOTS better than the ones we paid lots of $$ for!! We are back in P.V. but are missing you and Bruce like crazy! Hope to catch up with you two again!
    Haven’t been working my e-mails much lately but I’ll reply to your message about Cabo soon! Travel safely! Can’t wait for your next installment!

    • Thanks Stephanie and Larry. You guys are the best! Have a great time in PV. Must be a LOT warmer there than in February. We are melting in La Paz!

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