Mexico Cruising – Loreto

Loreto is 25km from Puerto Escondido by road. There is a small boat marina at Loreto, and some room for large boats, but the safest place for a boat is in Puerto Escondido (Hidden Cove). The Loreto anchorage is very open and is not a recommended spot, except for brief forays ashore. Some boaters stop in there to drop off crew and do quick provisioning, rather than pay a taxi to take them to town. The cruiser guides talk about walking and someone will pick you up along the way. Loreto has an airport and people fly in there to rendezvous with boaters or catch a charter fishing boat. It seems to be a popular tourist town.

We hired a taxi to take us to Loreto. The driver agreed to take us wherever we wanted and bring us home for $60 US. We thought it was a great deal. So, Dean, Bruce, and I piled into the minivan and off we went to Loreto. The road to Loreto runs from La Paz to Ensenada for about 1000 miles. Apparently, it looks like what we saw the entire way – to say that it was a narrow two lane highway is an understatement.

Dean needed pesos. He arrived here in Loreto, and met up with our friends Mike and Maureen on MV Aaron Sawyer. We all needed a few groceries. I wanted to check out the town and see all the cute places.  The street to the bank was roped off. The local people were preparing the town square for a local political rally later in the day. No problem. We walked to the bank, with the taxi driver leading the way. Once we saw where to go he went back to the taxi and agreed to wait for us.

Apparently, the newly elected Mayor of the municipality would give his first speech later that afternoon.

Vendors were setting up for the big rally. My mouth just watered at all those luscious candies. I don’t remember the last time I saw orange slices. I could feel the sugary gummy orange slices on my tongue, my mouth started spritzing with saliva just at the thought of one of those chewy orange slices.  Silly caution kept me from buying.

Loreto is a lovely town. Talk about luscious, I would have loved stopping for lunch at the restaurant. It was a perfect day. A perfect day to sit at an outside table, munch on the local fare and watch the world go by. But, the boys seemed on a mission. Get pesos, provisions, and go home.

Loreto is a lovely little town. It is one of the pretty places we visited – Cruising in Mexico.

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