Places We Go – Port Townsend

Ahoy friends!  We moved on to Port Townsend. Not as pretty a ride, but okay, and a shorter duration.   The transit was, in some respects, like the trip to Port Angeles, but the water was a little more animated – not creating much of a difference in the ride – until a container ship came along and rocked us.  Their wake can be significant.  No damage done.  I watched a pleasure yacht move toward the container ship.  It became clear they wanted to “play” in the wake of the ship!  There was a person on the foredeck and it didn’t look as if he had a life vest on.  The boat first pitched significantly, then rolled.  I saw the person grab the rail to hang on.  The boat flailed in the wake for a few minutes.   Seemed like flirting with danger to me, but then many people enjoy flirting with danger.

We passed the New Dungeness Light House and the Port Hudson Lighthouse.

Port Townsend is one of my favorite ports – home to a favorite clothing store, book store, two galley (kitchen) shops, coffee shops galore, and dining.  We have been here for three days, and now staying a couple more, to avoid some weather.   So far, I have visited my favorite clothing store – Bickies – three days in a row! I only bought on two days, the second to exchange for size – but I was told I better go back since we don’t know when we will stop this way again – it seems wrong to pass up such an invitation!  We had coffee on Sunday Morning at a nice little place.  Bruce had a chocolate chip cookie the size of a plate!  Yum.

These are our most dignified neighbors – here at the commercial dock – in Port Townsend.

And these boys, too!

Water pictures make the most sense for the blog, when we transit larger waterways – such as what you have seen on the Pacific Ocean and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  I hope you aren’t getting bored.  The water state is always changing and I am intrigued by how it changes dramatically with wind and wake.  Yet, nothing is more beautiful than satin smooth water.

We will be heading down into Puget Sound soon.   After a brief stay, we will then head north to British Columbia.

We have received great comments about our lifestyle.   It occurred to me, that I have become very accustomed to what we do, and take it for granted – forgetting all the adjustments I made as I moved aboard.  Much of what we do that is unique to our lifestyle, feels normal to us.  What would you like to know more about – on our lifestyle, boats, and voyaging?  What do you enjoy most about the blog? I try to give something to all of you – so tell me what you want to know and what you would like to see in the photos!

We have been here before, so, I have blogged about “here”.   Help me keep the blog fresh and interesting!  I look forward to your ideas and comments!

Thank you all for your encouragement, comments, and continued interest in our travels and blog!

We hope you will continue to follow along to “The Places We Go”!